Chum Chum Designer Paper Toy
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Chum Chum is a do it yourself customizable blank figure designer art toy.
Similar to it's vinyl brethren Munny, Dunny, Qee, MADL, and Mighty Muggs.

I had a lot of fun designing this paper toy. Adding movable parts was a challenge designing in paper. There was a lot of trial and error which produced many interesting results. Art toys made in paper have come a long way in the past few years. This hobby is very fun and exciting, allowing many people to collaborate on a project together.

Why the name Chum Chum? Well chum means companion, roommate, pal, and good-natured friend. What better way to describe this toy? I know it is also fish refuse which is also kind of funny. I decided to name it Chum Chum instead of just Chum to add to the cuteness and kawaii of it.


Takes 2 sheets of card stock
3 points of articulation
Blank model is approximately 5.5" tall (139.7mm)
Can be designed to be looking upwards or downwards to express a wider range of emotion.


Make sure you are having fun. That is what paper craft is all about?

Take your time.

Have extra craft knife blades handy. It is always best to cut with a sharp blade.

Cut rounded parts with scissors and straight parts with craft knife.

When scoring be careful not to score to deep and cut all the way through the model.

Using the left over excess pieces of paper add a little glue to a piece of paper and use another piece to spread the glue.

Use a stick for gluing hard to reach areas. I normally hold pieces together for 10-15 seconds.

Tip: I spray my Paper Toys with Deft Clear Wood Finish Spray. It is a clear lacquer spray. Please test it on a scrap printout first. You would not want to spend all the time putting together a toy, then spray it and have the ink smear. If your printer ink does not run, spray it with 1 coat before cutting out and 1 coat after you have put it together. .


Chum Chum Alien Version
Chum Chum blank paper toy