Ely the Cyclops
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Ely the Cyclops This Base Folk toy comes from a story my friend and I have been kicking around for some time. This particular cyclops happens to be fashioned in present day. We hope to one day make an animated short from it. Here is the story as it stands currently Ely the Cyclops gets Pink Eye
(A animated poem of sorts)

There once lived a young cyclops named Ely.
His friend the imp gave him Pink Eye.
Bearing a inappropriate inclination.
For his optical inflammation.
A woe more wretched then he'd ever known.
It became unbearable to suffer alone.
He cried out into the night.
I must pass on this blight!
So, he began to spread his infection.
Through every corner and section.
He touched a guitar,
He infected a centaur.
He touched doorknobs, and poles
He infected the Yeti, and trolls
He touched some cups, saucers, and horns.
He infected the Krampus, zombies, and unicorns.
Soon Ely was happy as a cyclops could be.
Everyone had Pink Eye and could hardly see
The moral of the story is: Always share no matter what you have.
The End


Make sure you are having fun. That is what paper craft is all about?

Take your time.

Have extra craft knife blades handy. It is always best to cut with a sharp blade.

Cut rounded parts with scissors and straight parts with craft knife.

When scoring be careful not to score to deep and cut all the way through the model.

Using the left over excess pieces of paper add a little glue to a piece of paper and use another piece to spread the glue.

Use a stick for gluing hard to reach areas. I normally hold pieces together for 10-15 seconds.

Tip: I spray my Paper Toys with Deft Clear Wood Finish Spray. It is a clear lacquer spray. Please test it on a scrap printout first. You would not want to spend all the time putting together a toy, then spray it and have the ink smear. If your printer ink does not run, spray it with 1 coat before cutting out and 1 coat after you have put it together. .


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