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The long awaited Evertheory band paper toys are finally now up. This little project was entirely done in the spare time of my spare time. It has taken 8 long months from concept to finish. In those 8 months probably about 75 hours was spent. This paper toy band set is a 9 page PDF file so it may take a little while to download. Enjoy!

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Tim Peterson
Tim Peterson Jae Prudencio
Paper toy Tim Peterson Paper toy Jae Prudencio
Josh Barbosa
Sharon Prudencio
Josh Barbosa Sharon Prudencio
Paper toy Josh Barbosa Paper toy Sharon Prudencio

Evertheory Bio: This is the mantra of San Gabriel Valley-based indie band Evertheory. Vocalist Jae, guitarist Prudencio, percussionist Barbosa, and bassist Peterson make it a point to push the creative direction of the band forward with each new song. Each member brings to the table a vast pool of inspiration and influences from rock, folk, alternative classical music, metal, world music and jazz, and all of this comes together to become a fusion of styles that is melodramatic post-alternative. Guitarist/backing vocalist Prudencio uses theatrical riffs and intricate chord arrangements to create driving and memorable images in the music. This is counter-balanced by the jazz-derived guitar-like strumming of Peterson on lead bass. Percussionist Barbosa provides flowing drumlines that keep the rhythm section alive and grounded and above it all rise the warm, melodic voicings of Jae. Many of the lyrics she sings speak about the human condition and society.Since forming in 2007 as an experiment in music, Evertheory continues to create new songs and play throughout the Los Angeles area. Visit Evertheory here:

Since this is such a vast paper craft set. (23 pieces with band members and equipment) There is no real explanation for the building method. Please refer to the photos when building.