Paper Toy
Kokeshi Lolita Miyu Click to Download
This file is a 9MB file. Please give it time to download.

Kokeshi were originally small wooden dolls made in Japan. Each doll had a specific shape and pattern from the region it was created in. Lolita is a fashion subculture of Japan. There are several categories of this type of fashion. This paper Kokeshi Lolita's name is Miyu. She likes to dress in Wa Lolita Fashion. Wa Lolita's tend to dress in traditional Japanese fashion. You can tell she is not truly traditional by her skull flower cherry blossoms and classical top hat. Miyu likes to hang out with her friends and watch monster movies. This is my first paper toy series more directed towards girls. Enjoy!

Notes to keep in mind:
-Score the dotted line at bottom of head.
-Glue top of head, then middle, then bottom.
-Push bottom of head in along the dotted line after glue has dried.
-Glue top of body, then middle, then bottom.
-Do not score tabs for hair.
-Position hat anywhere you like to create your own style.
-You do not have to glue hair to head. You could mix and match wigs with other custom Kokeshi Lolita paper dolls.