Black and White Thanksgiving Turkey Click to Download

Turkey black and white version For Black and White Printers. This is a black and white version of the existing color turkey for Thanksgiving.

Items you will need:
-Printout (I print out paper toys on 110lb. White card stock.)
-Craft Knife
-Embossing Stylus Balled (optional I usually carefully score with a craft knife.)
-Small Stick (the end of a small paint brush, chopstick, or shish kabob stick)
-Metal Ruler
-Cutting Board (optional, just don't cut up your table)
-Paper Towel (to wipe off excess glue)
-Bandages (optional, be careful when you are cutting. It's not fun to look for bandages when you are bleeding)

Notes to keep in mind:

Make sure you are having fun. That is what paper craft is all about?
Take your time.
Have extra craft knife blades handy. It is always best to cut with a sharp blade.
Cut rounded parts with scissors and straight parts with craft knife.
When scoring be careful not to score to deep and cut all the way through the model.
This Tutorial is how to make the Krampus version of the Squealer Paper Toy. This one is slightly more difficult than the Blank version that way I can show you all the techniques so you can make other versions. They are all similar so don't worry. I made the template as intuitive as I could so you should have no problems with the assembly.

Briefly read before starting:
Print out Squealer Paper Toy
Ready your tools.
Roughly cut out all pieces to separate then carefully cut each individual piece.
Once all of the exterior (outside) lines of the pieces are cut out (as shown)
Score and cut the interior pieces.
Be careful not to score to deep and cut all the way through the model.
The teeth of the Krampus (or moustache of Santa) are cut and also scored.
Also note that the mouth and one of the body tabs are connected. Cut (as shown)
The tab should have a small piece missing.
Cut, score, and lift horns up.
For arms curl with craft knife.
Using the left over excess pieces add a little glue to a piece of paper and use another piece to spread the glue.
Use stick for gluing hard to reach areas. I normally hold pieces together for 15-20 seconds.
On the main part of the model glue the body together first.
Now all small parts and body should be glued.
Fold and glue "mouth inside bottom" to tab (as shown) Mouth should now protrude out from the body slightly.
Turn model upside down and glue body tabs to "mouth inside bottom" piece.
Time to form the head!
Glue all the sides of the head to form a box. Glue head top tabs to "mouth inside top".
When gluing the 5 panels that make the top of the head, it is best to add glue to all the tabs and carefully fit them all together.
Use stick to get to the hard to reach places and let the glue set.
Glue tail on before you glue basket.
Put props in the hands and position arms whatever way you see best.
Add child, and make sure all the little details are positioned and glued correctly.
There you have it the Krampus! I hope you have been a good little child.