This Tutorial is how to make the Paper Toy Deer, I made this video as intuitive as I could so you should have no problems with the assembly.

Song: Jungle Fantasy by Percy Faith 1953
CD: Exotica Music for a bachelor's den Volume2
DCC Compact Classics, Inc.

Go out and download the Deer Paper toy
Or one of the other toys based on the Deer template

paper toy deer deer Unicorn paper toy

Items you will need:

- Glue
- Craft Knife
- Balled Embossing Stylus  (optional I usually carefully score with a craft knife.)
- Small Stick this could be anything. A small paint brush, chopstick, or shish kabob stick)
- 6 inch metal ruler
- Cutting Board (optional, just don't cut up your table)
- Tweezers (This is optional but they do speed things up and act as another pair of hands.)

Notes to keep in mind:

-Make sure you are having fun. That is what paper craft is all about?
-Take your time.
-Have extra craft knife blades handy. It is always best to cut with a sharp blade.
-Cut rounded parts with scissors and straight parts with craft knife.
-When scoring be careful not to score to deep and cut all the way through the model.
-Using the left over excess pieces of paper add a little glue to a piece of paper and use another piece to spread the glue.
-Use a stick for gluing hard to reach areas. I normally hold pieces together for 10-15 seconds.
-Tip: I spray my Paper Toys with Deft Clear Wood Finish Spray. It is a clear lacquer spray. Please test it on a scrap printout first. You would not want to spend all the time putting together a toy, then spray it and have the ink smear. If your printer ink does not run, spray it with 1 coat before cutting out and 1 coat after you have put it together.

Briefly read before starting:

Lets get started.
Roughly cut out all pieces to separate.

Carefully cut each individual piece.

Once all of the exterior lines of the piece are cut out, score  the
interior lines and fold. This is the neck of the deer

Here we are cutting out the body and a part of the deer tail

Careful on the curve of the legs. If you feel more comfortable with a scissors go ahead and use a scissors

Once again score  the interior pieces and fold.

Cut out small pieces like the ears and tail.

Now cut out inside of legs

The final piece we are cutting out is the head. It is a little tricky because it has more curves than
straight lines to cut out.

For the fold lines of the head I am using the Balled Embossing Stylus instead of the craft knife. I did this ecause paper tends to separate or fray if it has a cut line on a curved area instead of just a score line

If the head is still hard to fold score the back also.

Grab a small piece of scrap paper to hold the glue

Using the left over excess pieces of paper cut a few strips and cut a angle on the strips similar to the blade of your craft knife. I bend the little strip of scrap paper so it is easier to pick up. Use this to spread the glue on your model.

Glue the front and back of tail together

Glue the inside part of the legs to the outside part of the legs Hold firmly for about 15 seconds

Cut the lines where the neck will be inserted

Glue the body together. For tough to reach areas hold tabs together with stick or a tweezers

Glue neck together. Hold part together with a small stick until they are dry

Apply the back of the ears to the head.

Now form the head. Glue the top of the head together first. While the head is drying you can put the neck and body together

Glue on tail and clamp with tweezers until dry

Now glue the front part of the deer head together. Putting this piece together can be a little tricky. Once you have a good grip on glued tabs hold until secure.

There you go. You can leave the head unglued or rotate it into the desired position you like and glue it.

Now, go out and download the Deer Paper toy
Or one of the other toys based on the Deer template

paper toy deer deer Unicorn paper toy