Banshee (Bean Sidhe, Wailing Woman, Fairy Woman, Woman of the Hills)
For Future Upcoming Show

(acrylic on panel 11.5 X 14)

The Banshee comes from Irish Folklore. Thought of as a female spirit that is the omen of death. In old traditions when a person died in a village, a woman would sing a funeral lament that was of a mournful cry or wail. This act leads to rumors and stories that if you heard the wail of a Banshee someone in your family would die, and if you saw a Banshee you would soon die. Banshees usually are described as having long fair hair, dressed in white, gray, red, or black with a gray cloak. I decided to do this painting with a Gaelic or Celtic inspired flower design in the background to add to this classic Irish tale.