illustration of Boggart from British folklore
Boggart(Bogle, Bogart, Bogan, Boggle) For Future Upcoming Show
(Sketch comp colored in Photoshop)

The Boggart comes from British folklore. Boggarts are household spirits that can be helpful at times but will more than likely tend to be mischievous. They are small and squat in stature, usually hairy and stinky. Some of the mischievous antics a Boggart will do are pulling the covers off of the bed at night, putting its hand on your face or tugging on your ear while you are trying to sleep and making a mess of the house. Even if a family decides to move because of the mischievousness of the Boggart, it will pack its bags and move too. One way to keep a Boggart away is to hang a horseshoe above the door of the house.