Chupacabra (Chupacabras, Cipi Chupacabra, Goat Sucker,
El Vampiro de Moca)

Unfinished Painting
(Sketch comp colored in photoshop)

The first sighting of the Chupacabra was reported in Mexico 1987. Since then it has been sighted in the United States and Puerto Rico. The Chupacabra attacks livestock mainly goats and drains their blood. The reports say that the livestock had two puncture holes around the neck. Chupacabras are described as having a humanoid shape about three feet or taller, greenish-gray skin, lizard like in appearance, with a forked tongue, fangs, and sharp spines protruding out of its back. When it is noticed the Chupacabra will hiss and screech emitting a sulfuric stench. It has also been said that its eyes will glow a weird red creating nausea in the viewer. The only known capture of a Chupacabra turned out to be a newly discovered canine with some sort of demodectic mange, a huge overbite, and protruding spine. That creature became known as the Elmendorf Beast.