Daruma (Dharma, Bodhidharma) Unfinished Painting
(Sketch Created in Illustrator)

Daruma comes from Japanese mythology. The Daruma doll is a wish doll based of off Bodhidharma the founder of Zen Buddhism. There are legends of the monk Bodhidharma meditating and staring at a wall for 9 years, after 7 years Bodhidharma fell asleep he was angry with himself for falling asleep so he cut his eyelids off to make sure it did not happen again. There is also another legends that Bodhidharma's arms and legs atrophied and fell off after sitting for so long. That is why the doll has no arms and legs. The Daruma doll when first purchased only has the white part of the eyes. You make a wish and fill in one pupil with ink. If your wish comes true you fill in the second pupil. Each year in Takasaki, Japan a Daruma festival is held. The festival has been going on for over 200 years