Elf (Elb, elves, elfs, alver, alv, álfar) Unfinished Painting
(Sketch Photoshop Coloring)

Elf or elves originally come from German mythology, but they exist in Danish, Dutch, Icelandic, Swedish, Norwegian, and Norse mythology as well. Elves were a race of minor nature and fertility gods. They are described as being youthful, long-lived or immortal, and magical. Elves can be found in forests, springs and caves. They can range in size from tiny to human sized. Most generic fantasy elements show elves with youthful faces, pointy ears, and thin bodies. Being very popular characters elves can be found in books, role playing games, as Santa's helpers, as dark elves or high elves, movies, video games and toys. In my illustration I decided to go with the more tiny nature oriented version of elves.These versions tend to be more cute, a cherry is the size of a large watermelon in his hands. Although the stripes do make it look a little bit like a Christmas elf.

Elf Paper Toy