Imp Painting
(Sketch Photoshop Coloring)

Imps are considered originally Germanic but can be found all over the world. The Kappa of Japan is considered to be a river imp and the Trenti of Spain is considered a forest imp. A Imp is more mischievous than life threatening. In some cultures Imps were kept as familiar by witches and mages sealed away in objects like rings, swords, and bottles until needed. Imps are considered to be demons and do the work of the devil but are not ranked as a high level supernatural being. Imps are the least evil of all demons, they are small dark creatures that lurk in the shadows. Imps are shape-shifters preferring to take the form of spiders and weasels to not be noticed. Most of the trickery and mischievousness an imp causes is the loss of keys, misplaced items, and clumsiness like stubbing toes and tripping. It is hard to make an imp get rid of its impish ways but they can be charmed with music and do good deeds but it will tend to make the good deed turn into trickery.

Imp Sketch
Sky Imp