Mula sem Cabeca
Mula sem Cabeca (Mula sem Cabeça, Headless Mule) Unfinished Painting
(Sketch colored in Photoshop)

The Mula sem Cabeca comes from Brazilian/Portuguese mythology. This folktale is told throughout the entire country and surrounding areas. There is several variations in this story but the most popular version of the legend says that the Mula sem Cabeca is a woman that has been cursed by God for having sexual relations with a priest. Every Thursday after dark the woman turns into a mule. Instead of having a head of a mule it spews fire out of the neck where the head should be. The mule transforms back into a woman at the sunrise of Friday. Even without a head the mule still neighs, it is also said that on occasion it moans like a tormented woman. Also it's trotting is incredibly loud.