Papa Ghed  
Papa Ghed (Guédé, Gede, Ghede, Guédé Nibo, Guédé Plumaj, Guédé Ti Malis, Guédé Zaranye, Gede Nibo, Ghede Bábáco)
For Future Upcoming Show

(acrylic on panel 5.5x11.125)

Papa Ghede comes from Haitian folklore. Guédé is a family of spirits that represent death and fertility. Papa Ghede is one of those many spirits. He is described as the corpse of the first man to ever die. Short and dark in stature holding a apple in his left hand smoking a cigar and wearing a high hat. Some also say he is dressed all in black similar to an undertaker with a face like a skull. He has the knowledge of the life and afterlife of all who have died. Papa Ghede waits at the crossroads to escort fresh souls into the afterlife (Guinee). Papa Ghede has a wife named Maman Brigitte and a brother Ghede Bábáco. In the voodoo religion people pray to Papa Ghede if there child is sick or dying. It is said that he will not take a life before it's time.