Zombie (corporeal ghost, living dead, walking dead, death puppet, zombi, Nzambi ) Unfinished Painting
(Sketch, stencil and spray paint)

The traditional zombie comes from Haitian voodoo and folklore dating back to the 17th century. Technically the oldest zombie is the Egyptian God Osiris Lord of the Dead 2400 BC. Zombies have always fascinated me, there are so many theories and ways to make a zombie. In general a zombie is a deceased creature that is brought back to life through a curses, spell, potion, or some strange phenomenon. Most people know zombies through movies. Originally movie type zombies tend to be mindless slow moving beings that only have one purpose, the cannibalistic attack and consumption of human flesh. They have a vacant look in their eyes and expressionless faces. Newer movies have also made out zombies to be very fast and in a constant state of rage. Zombies are tireless and never sleep, they feel no pain and can go on even dismembered or rotting, they also don't need air to breath. Zombies are as strong as a humans but slow and clumsy there main strength comes in numbers and there infectious bite. They bite and consume their victims like werewolves and infect by biting like vampires.

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