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100 Illustration Paintings of Mythological Creatures Series:

Acephalos, from Greek mythology

Ammit, from Egyptian mythology

Bacalou, from Haitian mythology

Balam, from Judeo-Christian mythology

Banshee, from Irish Folklore

Basilisk, from European mythology

Baykok, from Chippewa mythology

Behemoth , from King James Bible

Bigfoot, from North American mythology

Binaye-Ahani, from Native American Mythology

Black Dog, from English folklore

Boggart, from English folklore

Catoblepas, described by Pliny the Elder

La Catrina, from Mexican folklore

Centipede, from Japanese mythology

Cherufe, from South American mythology

Chinese Vampire (jiang shi), from Chinese mythology

Chupacabra, from Mexican mythology

Cuca, from Brazilian mythology

Cyclops, from Greek mythology

Daruma, from Japanese mythology

Elf, from German mythology

Flaming Teeth, from Fijian mythology

Flying Head, from Native American mythology

Fukurokuju, from Japanese mythology

Gaborchend, from Irish mythology

Gnome, from General mythology

Goblin, from French mythology

Gourd Head, from Brazilian folklore

Gremlin, from European mythology

Harpy, from Greek mythology

Homunculusy, from Roman mythology

Huspalim, from Ethiopian folklore

Hydra, from Greek mythology

Imp, from Germanic folklore

Jinn, from Islamic Mythology

Kappa, from Japanese mythology

Kodama, from Japanese folklore

Kraken, from Norwegian Mythology

Krasue, from Thai Mythology

Kulshedra, from Albanian mythology

Krampus, from German mythology

Lamia, from Greek mythology

Makara, from Hindu mythology

Mandrake, from General mythology

Manticore, from Mesopotamia mythology

Marassa Jumeaux, from Haitian Vodou Folklore

Medusa, from Greek mythology

Mermaid, from Greek mythology

Minotaur, from Greek mythology

Mula sem Cabeša, from Portuguese mythology

Mummy, from ancient Egypt

Nosferatu, from the German Expressionist horror film

Nurikabe, from Japanese mythology

Ogre, from French mythology

Oni, from Japanese mythology

Ouroboros, from Greek mythology

Papa Ghed, from Haitian folklore

Peg Powlers, from European mythology

Pegasus, from Greek mythology

Phoenix, from Egyptian mythology

Raw Gums, from Native American Mythology

Red Cap Goblin, from British Folklore

Shmoo, from American mythology

Swiza, from European mythology

Tatzelwurm, from European mythology

Thayé, from Burmese mythology

Tiki, from Polynesian folklore

Trenti, from Spanish folklore

Unicorn, from General mythology

Vegetable Lamb, from ignorant European travelers

Vodnik, from Russian mythology

Wendigo, from Native American mythology

Yara-ma-yha-who, from Aboriginal Folklore

Yeti, from Tibetan mythology

Zombie, from Haitian Voodoo and Folklore