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Christopher Bonnette artist bio:

Christopher Bonnette, Artist Biography

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Abstract Art:

Abstract Art Online Gallery

Mythological Creatures:

100 Illustration Paintings of Mythological Creatures Series


Illustration and Digital Illustration Gallery:

Animation Online Gallery:

Captain Courageous And The Future Squad, Animation for 1998 senior thesis

Graffiti Monster , Animated gif

Poor Little Watermelon , Animated gif

Fret, Animated Gif

Sculpture Online Gallery:

Horn Critter, Clay sculpture

Pirate, Super Sculpey sculpture

Purple Critter, Super Sculpey sculpture

Crab Dreadnaught, miniature

Ruined Building, Architectural Maquette

Ruined Mansion, Architectural Maquette

Ork Fortress, Architectural Maquette

Online Photo Gallery:

Bora Bora, Photograph of Bora Bora sunset

Junk Mosaic, Photograph of old boxes

Tunnel, Random picture of tunnel

Drab Carousel, Picture of melancholy carousel

Hut, Photograph of Tahitian hut

Lonely Island, Photo of Bora Bora Island

Octopus, Photograph of Octopus

Paper Toy Downloads:

Blank Squealer , Customizable, Blank Squealer Paper Toy

Guest artists who have particapated in customizing the squealer paper toy:
Ugly Monster by: Monsieur Peignoir
George W Bush by: Ejo (webmaster)
Hapless Horseman by: Teemu Matinlauri
Bikini Chick by: Andrew Wilson
Luchador wrestler by: Bony of France

Blank Little Bear , Customizable, Little Bear Blank Paper Toy

Blank Imp , Customizable, Blank Paper Toy Imp

Candy Bot 10,000 , Paper Toy Robot

Chum Chum Alien Version , 1950's Style Alien Paper Toy

Chum Chum Blank, Customizable Blank, Chum Chum Paper Toy

Cupid, Paper Cupid

Deer, Paper Toy Deer

Deer Blank , Customizable, Blank Paper Deer

Easter Bunny, Customizable, Blank Easter Bunny

Evertheory Band , Paper Toys of the Band Evertheory

Imp, Paper Toy Imp

Frankenstein, Paper Toy Frankenstein

Kappa, Paper Toy Kappa

Kokeshi Lolita Miyu, Paper Toy Kokeshi (girl's paper doll)

Krampus, Paper Toy Krampus

Happy Little Bear , Happy Little Bear Paper Toy

La Catrina , Paper Toy of La Catrina

Leprechaun, Paper Toy of Leprechaun

Blank Nurikabe, Blank Paper Nurikabe

Nosferatu, Paper Nosferatu

Nurikabe, Paper Nurikabe

Vandalized Nurikabe, Vandalized Paper Nurikabe

Neat Beard , Paper Toy Pirate

Patrick the Pumpkin Patch Prince, Paper Toy Pumpkin Patch Prince

Santa, Paper Toy Santa

Santa's Little Helpers , Paper Toy Elves

Swine, Paper Toy Swine

Turkey, Thanksgiving Turkey

Black and White Turkey, Black and White Thanksgiving Turkey

Harvesters, Thanksgiving Harvesters Group 1

Harvesters2 , Thanksgiving Harvesters Group 2

Holiday Gift Box, Paper Craft Gift Box

Tiki Box , Paper Tiki Box

Unicorn, Paper Unicorn & Pegasus

Viking, Paper Toy Viking

Yeti, Paper Toy Yeti

Other Downloads :

Link Banners, Downloadable Link Banners

Resume, Christopher Bonnette's Resume

Tutorial Page, Downloadable Tutorials

Walpapers, Downloadable Desktop Patterns